Life is played every day and death is always there…

Like the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. (1)

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Those who know me well know how children are dear to my heart. Some of them learned without being prepared what can be human distress, faces of death.

They live with these images as they grow. They will need the support of their families, their entourage and professional because some of them may experience a syndrome of post-traumatic stress disorder:

What’s syndrome post-traumatic stress? (Montreal Children’s Hospital)

The syndrome of post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after severe trauma. It may be an event experienced by the child. But it can also be an event that the child has seen or heard about it. Even movies or shows violent television can disrupt a child. PTSD symptoms often occur a few weeks after the injury. But it also happens occasionally that such symptoms come to the surface for months or even years later.
PTSD symptoms in children

If your child suffers from PTSD, it could:


  •     Make terrifying nightmares or review in his head images of the event. And these images are so clear that they seem as real as the event itself.
  •     Afraid of people or places associated with the event. Your child may also give the impression of being back on itself and being insensitive.
  •       Your child may also have problems sleeping or concentrating, or seem very nervous. It may complain of headaches or other health problems.

In a daycare in Hull young children have experienced a horrible tragedy , according to media:

A gunman in a daycare Hull: Journal de Québec

All hands to battle in Gatineau, Radio-Canada

A few years ago these tragedies came elsewhere. That elsewhere is now here. Just as we are someone else, our location is also that somewhere … The horror and tragedy experienced by these children, educators saddens me so much.

Are we so egocentric that the evil of the soul that lived this man has need of spectators regardless traumatic shock they suffer?

Why meddle children the evils of adults?


Need a book that helps to demystify the various trials of life (death, grief, resilience), soon translated into English: Does everybody die?

format numérique

format numérique

Digital editions French book available


(1) Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, lived in a pit surrounded and constantly supervised many guards castle. Denys, who was still worried, found the courtiers who were flatter and reassure. Among them, Damocles, king of jewelers, kept flatter his master on how lucky he was to be the tyrant of Syracuse. Annoyed, he proposed him to take his place for a day. In the middle of the feast, Damocles looked up and saw a sword was hanging over him, and was fastened by a horsehair. That is why since the 19th century, speaks of a « sword of Damocles » to describe a particularly dangerous or difficult situation. (linternaute-)

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