Book: Does everyone die?


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Reprinted from the foreword written by Martin Latulippe, csp, International inspirational speaker and author:

How can we « give sense » to something that doesn’t make sense?  Not always obvious.

 But what happens when we are young and looking for answers to our questions?

What about when we have to explain a tragedy, such as deathmourninglove,resilience to them?

 This is exactly what my friend and colleague Lynne Pion fulfilled skifully in her story.

 Let’s face it, our little ones can take us by surprise at any time with a question, which initially may seem childlike and to which they will try to « give a sense » in their little heart.

 The informations in Lynne’s storywill provide you with the knowledge you will need to face The MOST difficult question your children will ask and to which you will have to « give sense » to : – Does everyone die?

 Offer yourself an original giftto you and to your children, and hurry to read my friend, Lynne Pion’s story, she’s a well-known expert in the field. –

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